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  • Social Media Marketing Cruise

    You own a small business. Your business needs to be marketed. How can you do this effectively in the emerging world of social media?

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  • Nurses at Sea

    Celebrate Nurses' Appreciation Week having fun! Nurses will be celebrated and honored during this cruise with awards, parties and other celebrations.

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  • Two To TangoCruise

    Valentine's Day 2019 will be even more special when you attend the Two To Tango Cruise. This your chance to learn all types of skills and techniques to love and KEEP your honey.

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  • African-American Genealogy Cruise

    The majority of your ancestors may be from Africa but which country in Africa are they from? There are 54 countries or ethnic possibilities!

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  • Healthcare Professionals at Sea

    Meet with fellow medical professionals at sea. The cruise can be exclusively booked for your large group.

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  • Alzheimer's Respite Care

    Learn about memory care, senior care, and respite care while cruising the ocean.

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  • Gospel Cruise

    Find spiritual enlightenment in this wonderful opportunity to travel at sea. Get on the ship for the Gospel Cruise trip!

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  • The Red Solo Cruise

    This is your last minute escape before having to spend every night in the library.

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Welcome to Cruises For Causes

If you thought vacations couldn’t be productive, you’re going to change your mind when you find out more about Cruises For Causes. We specialize in planning and facilitating business meetings, conferences, general assemblies, and training programs for corporate clients and organizations.

All aboard Cruises For Causes, your event participants will enjoy the salty sea air while also participating in business meetings, corporate conferences or any type of training program you can merge with the opportunity to travel.

Sign up soon! Let the open sea be the perfect venue for your next company event.

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Sponsor An Event

We invite you to become a sponsor for one of the upcoming events at Cruises For Causes!.

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Meetings at Sea

Did you know that your cruise at sea can be enjoyable and productive at the same time?

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Schedule Your Group Fundraiser

Having a fundraiser soon? Cruises For Causes can help! Tell us more about it.

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Sponsor an Event

Be one of the sponsors for an upcoming event at Cruises For Causes. Please express your interest by signing up online.

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Schedule Your Group Fundraiser

Having a fundraiser soon? Cruises For Causes can help! Tell us more about it.

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We welcome your referrals for Cruises For Causes. Please send more details online.

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